Monday, May 31, 2010

Meet Braulio.

At church on a recent Wednesday night, it really hit me during the sermon about giving back to God. The main point was not to wait until God blessed you with more, but to go ahead an give what you have, what is already His. Like I've said many times, God has blessed us tremendously, for reasons I still don't know. We definitely don't deserve it. We do our tithing regularly at church, as well as our offerings every once in awhile. But awhile ago, our Sunday School directors talked about giving every week, in person, not just online or monthly. Giving back to God what is already His is a form of worship. We need to worship every week, not just every once in awhile. It's easy to tithe or give an offering when we receive a paycheck, but why wait? Why not give more often, each time you're at church? Why only worship by singing or doing Bible study every week, yet only give once a month? This is something we're working on. But we're also working on doing better things with our money than spending it on ourselves. After all, it's not ours.

We've decided to give through little things, even small things each day. I pray that God gives me an opportunity to do good, to give me those situations to be a witness for Him. A small example is tipping servers more in restaurants. You never know when it will make someone's day and help them out. During a recent trip out to eat, Brad felt led, God was telling him for some reason to tip just a little more, and then a little more. As we walked out, our waiter came running out of the restaurant yelling, telling us we were awesome and how thankful he was. I don't know how much he needed it, but it made us feel really good. All I knew was that he had a little 1 1/2 year old son. It may or may not have made his day, but it definitely made our day. And I know that we aren't awesome, GOD is awesome; He is the one who works miracles.

Another option we have been talking about for a long time was to sponsor a child in need. It only costs $38 a month to change a child's life. I have heard stories of children who were sponsored and grew up better than they would have, and ended up being able to meet their sponsors one day. They absolutely just broke down in tears in seeing them, so grateful that someone cared about them. We wanted to be able to be a part of something like that, and $38 is nothing. That could be cutting down on a few restaurant outings a month, or one less piece of clothing while shopping. We went through Compassion International. You can choose the country you want, so I chose Guatemala, since it is obviously dear to my heart being where I spent my childhood. I've seen the poverty with my own eyes, and seeing the pictures of these children made me want to sponsor all of them. I hope one day we can sponsor even more. I decided to pick a little 5 year old boy who was in desperate need of a sponsor, having been waiting longer than 6 months for one. His name is Braulio, and he is adorable. I loved reading his bio and can't wait until we receive our packet for him. It's encouraged to keep in contact with the children, writing them letters and showing you care.

If you've never sponsored a child, please consider it. Most of us can easily afford it, and it can change a child's life, children all over the world. Compassion gives them not only physical needs, but the opportunity to be involved in church and Sunday School, learn about Jesus, and even come to know Him. It can change not only their life here on earth, but in eternity as well. I know I feel guilty buying something I don't even need, when I remember that I can use that money on a child who really needs it, who doesn't even have a bed to sleep on, food to eat, and nothing more than a dirt floor to sweep in his "house." As humans is it our nature to be selfish, so it's good when I feel God reminding me not to be. Our goal as Christians is to reach as many people for Christ in our lives as we can. Not to have the nicest things or the nicest house, but to make an impact in our world. Our lives here on earth are short, and what are we doing if we're not focused on what God wants us to do?


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Some good books from a biblical worldview on tithing are Tithing and the Church by Gary North and Tithing Our Way to Victory by Ralph Barker.

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Cool, thanks Catie!

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