Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Madison's New Room

I finally took some pictures of Madison's new big girl room. I'll always look back on these and remember how clean it was..ha! Anyways Brad did a wonderful job in appeasing his hormonal/emotional pregnant wife-my sweet hubby took down old wallpaper, painted (twice-first time wasn't a good color!) bought and replaced the ceiling fan, vacuumed, screwed in new window rods, put up window treatments, bought and put together a new dresser, took apart and moved Madison's crib, put it back together, and brought a big chair up 2 flights of steps. Isn't he wonderful? All in my time frame...and so I just decorated..ha! Can you tell I love pink and green and gerber daisies for my girl? There are still a few little things to fix, but not much. Landon's room is next...but luckily there's not much to do in there!


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