Thursday, May 20, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

So I love cereal. One of those easy foods that tastes good any time of day and is somewhat healthy for you too. Lately I've been having trouble getting Madison to eat breakfast. She goes through phases of liking certain foods, then she gets sick of them. For example she used to eat a whole banana for breakfast, now she doesn't even want to hold one. She usually mooches off me when I'm eating cereal, so I decided to give her some of her chocolate cheerios in her own bowl.

She loved it. After a few splashes and some help from me, she finally was able to use her spoon and scoop up the cheerios all by herself, without my help. It's funny to me that she always uses her left hand to hold her spoon or fork, but uses both equally for everything else.
Like a good girl, she ate every single cheerio and even drank every last drop of milk.

When she was done, she took off her bib and handed it to me. When I got her out of her highchair, she proceeded to try to wipe it off for me...I love this kid!

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