Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Day at the Park

I've always kind of cringed at the thought of being a "Park Mom" and taking all my kids to play at the park every single morning, completely packed out with all the other stay at home moms, kids, babies, and play groups, with their screaming, falling, running kids with picnics and sunscreen and sweat and just complete chaos...but I decided it'd be a fun experience to try anyway. After all, I think all moms have an understanding with each other and know that "Yes, I've been there" look when your kid throws the loudest tantrum in front of everyone when you tell them it's time to leave for the 10th time. You're just glad it's not your kid that time, and pity the poor mom trying to round up all her kids while wearing her little newborn on her as well. Well I wasn't the only hot, sweaty, achy pregnant mom, and at least my kid didn't pitch a fit! It definitely helped that my mom doesn't work on Fridays so she was able to help out and have fun with us yesterday too.

I love Laurel Park because it has so many swings which is Madison's absolute favorite. She likes to swing HIGH too, and kept yelling "AHHHH" with every swing. She wasn't as crazy about the slide, because her little chunky legs kept sticking to it. But good grief, doesn't she look so tall in this picture? Long legs.

I loved the wide open areas and trails where she can just run. She loves running and picking up sticks and pine cones...and huge leaves.

We went down to the lake and bridge and watched the "duck" as Maddie calls them. She adores all the "duck" and can squat and bounce when you ask her how the duck goes. These were almost as friendly as her bath ducky, but really just wanted food. We had to keep her from chasing them a few times.

After a few hours in the sun, we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and shared some yummy nuggets, fries, and a healthy. She was so worn out from all the fun that she passed out just in time for her morning nap and slept a few hours. So actually, I think I like the idea of a Park Mom after all!

A good friend of ours took some cute family pictures of us at this park too, so I'll get those up soon.

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Rebecca said...

Love it! The first of many "park days"...they may save your sanity!:)

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