Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cooling Off

It has been a super long week/weekend with Daddy working all the graduations that have taken place at our church. He's been such a hard worker, like today working about 16 hours. My parents have kept me company the past few days and entertained Maddie as we come up with things to do. I was blessed to have a break! However, Madison absolutely bawled as my mom tried to leave a few times last night-she's very attached to her. Today we put her old baby pool to cool down. Next week we'll hopefully start going to the real, big pool a lot! We've got her baby float, bikini, and sunscreen all ready to go! As for me, I have been DYING to get this big belly in a pool for the summer and get out of this heat. I can't wait!

For old times' sake, I looked back at her pictures in the baby pool last July-she was 4 months old. Compared to now!

Daddy approved the bikini, actually choosing it over the 1 piece!

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