Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby, Meet Baby; 24 Weeks

We realized Madison didn't have a "real" babydoll besides the little soft ones, so Grandmommy bought her her first doll. It came with a cute swaddling blanket and hat. "Baby" goes everywhere with her, in the car, around the house, and sleeps with her too (Teddy is in her other hand at times still.) She loves giving Baby lots of hugs and kisses, saying "Muah" at the same time. I thought this picture was kind of funny...she kind of looks like the babydoll, just a bigger version. She's always had those little doll face features (and I promise I didn't plan the pink onesie!)

Also, today I'm 24 weeks along. Landon is now viable, and although I would hate for something to happen this early, I find it amazing I only have about 16 weeks left! It has gone by so much faster than with Madison, but then again I didn't have a kid to chase around then! He is still active as ever and I can't wait to get my hands on him! The next doctor appointment is June 7. I am really going to try to take some belly pictures because I've been bad about that this time. I think my belly looks a few weeks bigger at this point than with Madison, but I haven't gained quite as much weight yet, which is weird. Let's hope it all stays in the belly this time :)

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Rebecca said...

Wow...she DOES look like her "Baby". My goodness. Such a sweetie.

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