Tuesday, May 18, 2010

14 Months Old and 3 Year Anniversary

Ready to go outside and play!

Madison is 14 months old today! Time is going by way too fast for me. Sometimes I wish my baby would stay little forever (although other times I don't!) She is full of energy and has decided she likes to be a morning person, usually waking up at 7 am every day on the dot, regardless of what time we put her to bed. Now, for my records:
  • We're still having some rough diapers, (have been since 10 months) and I just can't wait for it to end. I'm hoping it is just teething, so we'll see soon once she gets all her teeth. Let's just say I haven't seen anything solid in about 4 months...eww! At least she never drools or spits up or pukes or anything. Although I'll get to start over dealing with that kind of stuff again starting in September. Also, she thinks its funny and starts laughing when she passes gas. She can rip them like a grown man. I guess I have my husband to thank for that one. Sorry, was that TMI?
  • She's still extremely affectionate with her hugs and kisses without even being asked. They are so sweet. She loves to come running into your arms and kiss all over your face. Her great-grandpapa got about 5 kisses in a row on the cheek at church Sunday. I just love this kid, I couldn't ask for a sweeter girl!
  • People still obsess about her red hair, especially since she's getting more of it now. Some of the usual comments out in public are "whoah, she's gonna be a killer with that red hair and blue eyes." Now that we can see more of it, it is such a pretty color with gold in it, especially in the sun. The hair she actually does have is getting so long. She's getting close to being able to sport a mullet..haha. After all, we live out in Paulding county!
  • She absolutely loves her bath and squeals at the top of her lungs when we're filling it up with water. It is hard to get her out, she likes to move around a lot and play with all her toys. She also has discovered the couch and wants to be a big girl, never wanting to get down. Instead she goes back and forth, diving into it for as long as I let her. She's pretty good at obeying us, especially when we tell her to sit on her bottom.

  • "Uh oh" and "Hi" are still her favorite words, although she can say quite a few words now. In addition to words, she likes to make all the animal sounds, favorites including "woof woof" and "moo." (She can also "meow" but it really doesn't sound much like a meow! ha)
  • She's getting to that age where I can now reason with her (which is wonderful). She completely understands that if she does something I want her to, she will get something in return. I had to lure her downstairs one time away from her toys because it was time to eat lunch. She didn't want to come down to eat unless I said she could have a little piece of chocolate afterward downstairs. It just amazes me how quickly their level of thinking develops.
  • My mom, (former teacher) has turned her into a bookworm! She likes to sit in her chair and read books, especially after she gets up. She could do this for hours, pointing and talking. Before bed, we usually read Goodnight Moon. We used to take her finger to point to the stars on one page, but now she likes to read to us. She will grab our finger and place it on the stars to show us where they are...cracks me up.
  • She is in love with cell phones, about 13 years too early! She'll take your cell phone if you're not careful and run around with it on her ear saying "Hi! Hi! Hi!" and other babbling.
  • Outside is still her favorite. She loves sticks, running around, listening to the birds, etc. She also loves flowers. She will sniff them as hard as she can (even when she sees them in books!) She can blow dandelions and thinks its funny. Although one time I think she got frustrated and just put it in her mouth. I had to pull out all those white things, haha.
  • She is my little cleaner! Give her a towel or paper towel, she'll clean off her highchair, floor, walls, vents, table, etc. She also likes to pick up trash and throw it away in the trashcan. That's one thing kids are good for, right? :)
  • Balls are also a favorite. Whether she's at home, in the store, at church, etc. she somehow finds a ball and points to it, saying "ball!" I keep some of her toys in her closet and close it, but when she got up one morning she pointed to the closet asking for her "ball." She also goes nuts if she sees balloons too. This video is from a long time ago but it shows how excited she gets over balloons.
  • She is in love with her "Teddy." She has 2 green ones (actually Beanie Babies), one in the car and one she sleeps with. She always holds them close and has to go to sleep hugging one. She will also put one in her little baby stroller and kiss its face once it's in.

Today is also mine and Brad's 3rd anniversary. (3 years ago I would have never imagined we'd have 1 kid and 1 on the way!) Just the 2 of us are going to celebrate at the Melting Pot--yum! Where else would a fat pregnant woman want to go? He is such a wonderful husband and fun Daddy. He just has a way with Maddie like I've never seen. Plus he can always get her down for a nap, something about his Daddy "touch." He's my good hard worker and is loved by so many! He is always working or serving somehow and I appreciate what a hard and ambitious man of God he really is. God has blessed me with such a wonderful husband that I do not deserve!

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Katie Reeder said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been three years! Mmm...melting pot!!

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