Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Now that things have finally calmed down and I actually have time to breathe, I realized I haven't done much updating lately on stuff Madison is doing or how baby #2 is:

-Not sure how much she weighs. The nurse messed up the weight and percentiles at our last dr.'s appt. (Very old-fashioned scale) She was kind of a nut, and didn't even chart them. She flicked down the metal piece and said "Oh, around 19." Didn't give ounces or anything. (We had already been there too long for me to care to ask the dr. to do it) None of it made sense in comparison to her last stats and percentiles, but we know she had hit 20 pounds at 11 months. I doubt she's gained much if any. I don't really care, as long as she's healthy. She was pretty tall though, 29 inches. (I won't even discuss the nurse measuring head circumference)
-Still has 12 teeth but today I saw her first 2 molars coming in on bottom...to make 14. I didn't even want to check the top. This kid has been teething her whole life.
-Has started climbing-makes me nervous when she tries the stone fireplace.
-Running everywhere, sings and dances at the same time
-Extremely ticklish
-Laughs a lot, randomly
-Loves washing her hands in the sink like a big girl
-Has to brush her own hair (what little she has in the back)
-Runs away from us laughing when she has something she shouldn't have
-Pushes her babies (stuffed animals) around in her stroller
-Has finally learned how to get down feet first from things (instead of head first)
-Yells "Daddy" as loud as she can at the glass door when Brad is outside working
-Loves animals, in addition to her usual mama and daddy, she says "kit-ty," "doggy," and can "woof, woof, woof" when you ask her how the doggy goes. She also says "hey" and "hi" which is what she usually greets me with in the morning. Brad is teaching her hockey, which comes out as "ha dee" (at least he thinks she's saying hockey!) She also says several other gibberish words which I haven't figured out yet.
-Can point to most of her body parts when named.
-Has a strict bedtime routine-after her bath, lotion, and getting dressed, she must read Goodnight Moon, drink milk, and wave night night to allllllll of her stuffed animals, one by one. This process could take hours if we let it...she then lays down, we cover her up, she shows us her "baby" (doll) and then we leave. She never makes a peep at night, usually sleeping 11-12 hours. Hasn't woken up a single time in months. Love this kid.
-Naps are generally 1.5 hours each, twice a day.
-Completely done nursing (on her birthday). I cried the night before I nursed her for the last time. I'm proud to say she was breastfed for an entire year-she rarely got sick (once?) and never had a single ear infection or diaper rash. I would have liked to go slightly longer (1 month or so) but figured it was a good time to quit, since I'm pregnant. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.
-Her doctor encouraged us to get rid of the paci by 12 months. We just did it cold turkey, and she did great. She only got her paci at naptime and bedtime, so it wasn't too hard. She cried for it during naptime a few days, but hasn't needed it since. They're now in the trashcan and I am HAPPY. Those things were like magic when she needed them, but it's nice to not have to worry about them anymore.
-She's obsessed with bellybuttons. If you ask her where her bellybutton is she'll pull up her shirt and show you. She'll also pull your shirt up if you're not careful, especially if you're on the floor.
-She also loves toes. She loves them being tickled, and is fascinated with ours. If you have bare feet, she'll bring you socks and grab your feet and try to put them on you.
-She's an outdoor girl. She would spend all day outside if she could. She constantly points outside and tries to open the door. She will even bring me her shoes when she wants out. It's tough because she wears me out, always running on the pavement...makes a momma nervous!
-She has started kissing my belly. She knows her baby brother or sister is in there, or just "baby" as we like to say. It's so adorable. She's going to be a wonderful big sister.

Baby #2:
-Felt first kicks at 15 weeks! Crazy how early it was. (Didn't feel Madison until 18-19 weeks.) Brad has even felt some kicks from the outside.
-No sickness, no migraines, just still eating like crazy. Just a few headaches every once in awhile, although lately it's been every day. Overall though it's wonderful being pregnant again.
-Finding out the sex on April 12th, which is less than a week away!! SO EXCITED.
-Definitely showing earlier this time. I am pregnant in the exact opposite seasons than I was with Madison, so I have NO summer maternity clothes (and no money!!) Looks like loose dresses and t-shirts will be my wardrobe this summer..

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Katie Reeder said...

Love the updates! Glad you're feeling pretty good!

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