Sunday, April 4, 2010

Madison's 2nd Easter!

I can't believe my baby has now been through 2 Easters! Last year, she was only a mere 3 weeks old!
She's grown a little since then! Today we did our usual church thing and went out to eat for lunch after church with the family. We waited to give her her Easter basket after church, since we drive separately each Sunday (Brad has to be there at 7:15 on Sunday mornings for rehearsal, I wait until Sunday School at 9:30). So she got her Easter basket from the Easter Bunny a little bit late, but we were both there to see her dig in. I don't know why little things like that thrill me so much, maybe it's just because I love seeing her so happy (or maybe because I get to eat the candy she doesn't!!) Anyways here are a few pictures of her on her second Easter. (Thanks Grandmommy for her pretty dress.)

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