Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting So Big

So lately our little smarty pants has decided she wants to be a big girl and do big girl things. I like to write these things down for my records, and it's fun to look back at later. It will be interesting to see what our baby boy will be doing at the same age. Lately she's been insisting on eating a banana for breakfast like Mommy does, and got sick of me cutting it into pieces for her. So here she is eating like a big girl (very tired though, as you can see it's not completely light outside yet.)
She also decided she loves my keys, and if she's not pushing the keys to make my car horn go off in the garage, she'll grab them off the counter (yes, she's gotten that tall) and try to put them in the back door to unlock it. This amazed me. It makes me realize that little eyes are watching every single little thing I do.

Another example of this is taking her nail clippers (which she's usually not allowed to have because I'm afraid she'll pinch herself). She grabbed them the other day and tried to start clipping her own toenails. It made me laugh.

When she gets up from her nap, I'll let her go play immediately, before I get a chance to put away the monitor. It will be unplugged, and she will take the part that plugs into the outlet and try to plug it in.

We also had to get her a big girl toothbrush, instead of just the little finger brush. We still use the Baby Orajel "toothpaste" or whatever it is, but she loves to brush her own teeth now. All 14.
As soon as we've stopped and parked in the car, she will immediately put her fingers on the button to unbuckle herself out of the car seat. Luckily she can't really get it yet, because that kind of scares me. She insists on putting on her sunglasses by herself in the car too, upside down or not.

Other things include:
-Her "I dunno" hands--if you ask her where something is and she can't find it, or where someone is going, she will lift her hands up, palms up like she's saying "I don't know!"
-She communicates everything, with her own words/gestures. A long jibber jabber sentence, including pointing is what I get all day long. She's actually very easy to understand, and she obeys pretty well when I tell her to do something.
-When I tell her she needs a diaper change, she runs to the stairs and tries to open the gate by the handle
-She can throw really hard, I've seen toys flying across several rooms when she doesn't want one. I wonder where she gets the habit of throwing things from? hmm
-She's EXTREMELY affectionate. She gives me kisses and hugs all day long and I don't even have to ask. She'll kiss me all over my face and will blows kisses too. She does it to her grandparents and great-grandparents too, so not just me and Daddy. She's a very affectionate girl.
-If you ask her to dance, she's got some new moves that are pretty funny.
-She still insists on putting her own shoes and socks on, as well as trying on Mommy's shoes or putting them on other people
-Still doing a good job of feeding herself
-When she drops something, says "oh oh" in a soft, breathy voice.
-She likes to wave and say hi to completely random strangers (who usually stop and are in awe of her gorgeous red hair, saying they always wished their kids or grandkids had red hair-I've gotten threats of them taking her from me before)
-Whenever she does something she's supposed to, like put her cup back on the table or a movie back where it belongs, or put trash in the trashcan, she will clap for herself and look at us with a big smile, waiting for approval.
-Knows most of her body parts when asked (points to head, hair, ears, nose, belly, bellybutton, feet, toes, etc.)

My mom and I both bought some cute stuff at Target and Michael's for her new room. She got tired of sitting in the usual place, so she had a fun ride in the front instead!
We also bought Maddie a new dresser for her new room, which will look great. Then later ordered a little chair through Toddlerock.com that she absolutely loves! The shipping was so fast, it was here on my doorstep within 24 hours of ordering it. A friend of mine who got some for her daughters recommended it to me. I found a brown and pink and girly one which I absolutely love, since this could be my only girl, who knows! It's so soft too, made of fleece, and the rocker parts on the bottom keep it from tipping over or back (if there's any kid who will still find a way to tip it over though, it will be Madison!) They offer the option of getting a name on it too, but we decided not to. Thank you Mom and Dad for always helping us out with big purchases and thoroughly spoiling her, ha!
Here it is, much better than the Baby Papasan which she outgrew (even though she doesn't think so) who we're saving for little brother!
She now has a game though where she will stand on the chair when I'm not looking until I tell her to sit on her bottom. As soon as I walk away she stands and smiles again...
Oh and a quick update on her sickness-it's finally gone so we're not tearing through the diapers as much anymore, thank goodness. We're gradually easing her back into dairy too. She's been living off of crackers and water practically, so she's lost a considerable amount of weight. She's back into fruits and veggies too, and is such a healthy eater. I made her a quesadilla and mixed veggies for lunch yesterday, and she only wanted 2 bites of the quesadilla and ate ALL her veggies instead! Ah well, good habits start now. But overall she is much better, although now she has a runny nose and is coughing a lot. And speaking of noses...she has decided she likes to run away from us really fast, even on the brick area right outside of church. She took her first tumble on concrete Sunday night and thankfully only scraped up her little nose. She got over it really quickly though as usual. She's very much a tomboy.
Also, we're getting close to having baby boy's name picked out. Will update soon with that. I am officially halfway through my pregnancy now at 20 weeks. Everything is going great and he is still active as ever! There are some new polls up on the right just for fun, so vote on those if you want!

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