Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Girl

Last week, we finally broke down and bought Madison a big girl car seat. (Although we'll be getting the old infant one back out in a few months again anyways!) She is soooo much happier now, especially since she can see everything! I didn't realize until we went to the doctor last time that it was against the law to turn your child around to face forward if they were not at least 12 months old and at least 20 pounds...I thought that was just a recommendation from the AAP. I know a lot of people who turned their kids around before they reached those two things. Well, Madison loves being in the car now, which makes the ride much better! Here she is for the first time in it, on her way to her great-grandparents' new house.
She also loves having the windows down and will lift her arms like she's on a roller coaster..not sure where she learned that...too funny!!
 Notice in each picture she has her teddy...he's always in her car seat with her wherever she goes, and is good to cuddle with when she falls asleep...

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