Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby #2 is a...

Today was our 18 week ultrasound and we are so excited to announce that we are having a baby BOY! I got my wish and got 1 of each! God is SO good to us, I couldn't be more excited, and neither can Daddy--he got his little boy! I am looking forward to seeing Madison with her little baby brother, it's going to be so sweet.

The ultrasound tech. was the same one we've always had and was very sweet. It was quite obvious that it was a boy, even before she said it! My mom was holding Madison when we all yelled "Yes!" It startled the poor girl! But she was ok. Everything looked wonderful and healthy, and he is measuring about 2 days ahead still. The doctor said he was perfect, which was wonderful to hear.

We are going to be moving Madison into a bigger bedroom soon and keeping the nursery the same. Our wonderful Sunday School teachers gave us a crib so we have an extra one now. Madison's crib converts to a toddler bed, so we are all set! As soon as we get her room painted and some furniture in there, we'll be painting our baby boy's nursery blue where the 2 pink stripes are now. Easy paint job!

Here are our sweet boy's pictures. He was extremely active and kicking me the whole time. We brought a VHS tape like we did with Madison, but unfortunately the recorder would not work to get it on video :( Maybe we'll do a 3D ultrasound later!
It's a boy!!

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Katie Reeder said...

Congrats! That's so exciting!

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