Tuesday, April 20, 2010

13 Months

Wow, that sounds so old! Our baby turned 13 months old yesterday. Unfortunately we've been battling some bad diapers though. Since Saturday until now, poor girl has had 16 diarrhea diapers. FUN. And the day isn't over. She's lost some weight too, I'm sure. She's been able to eat somewhat normally and has absolutely no other symptoms, but I decided to put her on some Pedialyte and see how she did. I called the doctor and she has to stay on only bland, starchy foods like crackers, toast, etc. She can't even have any fruits or vegetables except for bananas and applesauce. She is a very healthy eater so it's tough keeping her on such a limited diet. No juices or dairy/milk either. We also have to give her the probiotic Culturelle once a day, and if she's still having diarrhea by next Monday they want to see her at the doctor. She's completely happy and normal so I'm not worried, I just wish we could stop going through so many diapers in one day. Oh and the smell is terrible (in case you wanted to know.) Not good for someone who's pregnant. Ick.
Anyways I don't have much else to update about her right now, she's still running around like crazy all day, still barking like a doggy. She'll see a picture of a dog or hear a dog in the neighborhood and start barking. It's pretty funny (and cute.) She likes to put things back where they go and will look at you and clap for herself after she does it-like putting her cup back on the table or a movie back where it belongs. I've also been taking her out in the neighborhood everyday in her stroller for a nice walk. Attempting to exercise. I'm happy to say that I haven't gained as much weight at this point in my pregnancy as I did with Madison at this time..but oddly enough my belly is slightly bigger...so I'm hoping I'm just gaining there more than all over. Our baby boy is an active little guy. I'm thinking he is going to be a little bit bigger than Madison was. Not that 6 and half pounds is hard to beat! (Which reminds me, I put up some new polls-fun). Boys tend to be bigger as do second babies...at least that's what I've heard. A friend of mine had two 6 pound babies, but the third was 10 pounds. Took her 2 hours to push him out. And she was a good bit smaller than me. Yikes.

In other news, I went this past weekend to register for our baby boy! It was a lot of fun. I didn't put nearly as much stuff on there as before. Nor did it take me long. Maybe half the time. But everything is on our registry at Babies R' Us and is set. Brad didn't want to come (he was doing sound at church for a wedding anyways) so my parents offered to come and help with Madison. My mom already bought some cute boy stuff and I have to admit I'm getting pretty excited about it. Here's what she got: (the blanket is soooo soft! Matches his room)
We're also starting work on Madison's new room now. Brad and his dad are getting the current furniture out of there tonight and we will try to paint sometime this weekend. I can't wait to decorate another room! I've seen some cute stuff for little girl toddler rooms. Our goal is to have her in her room by next month, then start some type of potty training by July-ish (she's smart, I know she can start early) and then have that stuff going before her brother gets here in September. I don't want to do those drastic things around the time a new baby comes in the picture, so we're trying to get them done now, several months ahead of time. I know she'll love her new "baby" (and still likes to kiss my belly.)

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Katie Reeder said...

So glad it sounds like you're doing well! Hope Madison feels better soon!

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