Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Nice, Long, Updated Post!

Well if you can't tell, life for us has been busy, busy, busy! But fun! I've been at several bridal showers, a wedding, a playdate for Maddie, doctor's appointments, church, get togethers with my Sunday School girls, and hanging out with some good friends. Brad has been super busy with work, as well as working some extra events at church for a little extra money which is wonderful! Coming up we've still got a bridal luncheon for my best friend who is getting married in 3 weeks (Dear Lord, please let my dress still fit!), Madison's 1 year pictures, a few more doctor's appointments, and planning Maddie's birthday party for next week. So from all that, along with the exhaustion that comes from chasing Madison and being pregnant, I can't even think straight at this point.

Updates on Madison:
The past few weeks she's been teething again. I have never seen so much drool in my life. She's absolutely soaked within a few minutes of putting her outfit on. I discovered she has 4 coming in at once, 2 on top and 2 on bottom. They've all broken through, so we now have 12 teeth by 12 months...Where's the steak?!

Not sure if it's because of the teething, but she is super attached to me (even more than before.) She says mama mama mama all day long, constantly wanting to be picked up. Constant hugs, constant kisses. It's a wonderful life.

Her new thing is squinting and winking and smiling all at the same time. Kinda funny to watch her, because she knows shes being funny. She's also squealing and talking constantly. Our ears don't get a break!

She's become a fast runner. Especially when she has something she knows she shouldn't...she grabs it and takes off.

She's demanding about her milk. Still very much a milk junkie, and always goes into the kitchen pointing to the fridge, or counter, wherever her sippy cup is.

One of her favorite things to do is unload the dishwasher with me (after I remove the silverware and knives, of course!)

She's been doing great eating with a fork for a few weeks now, and can put food in her mouth from the fork. She just can't pick food up with the fork. I still have to do it for her, but it's just so much easier for her to use her hands..ha

She loves to dance to music. She'll clap and bounce and walk around. She was trained early in the womb, on all those Sunday mornings at 7:15 when we had to get to church early for Brad to do sound check. She's used to very loud rock music.

She's still the "boss" in Sunday School, but one of my extended cousins who works the nursery told me she was very sweet to a little boy who was visiting church that day. He was crying like crazy and Maddie came up to him, patted him, and talked a bunch of gibberish to him. Such a sweet girl.

We are down to only one nursing a day, just in the morning. It makes me really sad, and I was sad the first night she went to bed without it, almost crying coming down the stairs. (I have to remind myself a new one will be nursing a good 12 times a day, plus at night pretty soon!) It took her a few days to get adjusted to Brad putting her to bed instead of me. After she got used to that, Brad and I went out on a double date with some good friends to a Thrashers game. My parents were able to put her to bed successfully that night, so we've gotten through that hurdle. We had a great time with our friends, and Brad was finally able to find a good friend who loved talking about both hockey and church. He is the worship leader at a local church here in the area, and oddly enough I haven't talked to him since middle school probably. I told his wife that the main thing I remember about him is that he was obsessed with hockey! Funny how life works that way. They have 2 adorable 18 month old twin girls.

Well during all this pretty weather we had for a few days, we needed to get out of the house! It was so nice and I can't wait for Spring and Summer. Maddie was able to play in the yard and grass, although she claps and point at the grass, she won't walk in it. She freezes, which is hilarious. She'll sit in it though, which is odd. We also got her out to the Avenue one day, and she got to pick out some birthday gifts from Grandmommy that day. Her favorite is the 5 Little Ladybugs book.
 Later we went to a wedding of a friend that I grew up with at church. We obviously didn't take her into the wedding, but since Brad was running sound for it and my mom and I wanted to enjoy it, Lito came and played with her in the nursery with all the toys. After, we went to the reception and she had a great time eating all the good food and dancing on the dance floor with another little boy. She was too cute! (She was also told that in a few years she will be a "man-slayer" with those good looks!) Interesting way to put it.
Staring him down on the dance floor:
Sitting in Grandmommy's lap at the reception
Yesterday we had a playdate with a friend of mine that I've known for years. Her little boy is 13 months old and 27 pounds (and has been for several months)! They had a lot of fun although Maddie kept pushing him down...his size didn't bother her apparently. It was tough learning how to share toys, since they both wanted the same thing at the same time, but overall she was sweet and not shy towards him at all.

As far as the little Sweet Pea goes (nickname my mom gave it), everything is looking great. I am now 13 weeks along. My last doctor's appointment went well, the baby's heartbeat was 148 bpm, down from 170 last time. I had to get the wonderful 3 vials of blood drawn but other than that it was fun. I'm a little bit worried that I've already gained more weight this time than I did with Madison at this point in the pregnancy. I'm the Matron of Honor in my friend's wedding, so I am praying that my dress fits still in a few weeks. I'm still eating like crazy which explains it, but I just don't see how I've gained so much more than last time, especially since I run around all day with Maddie and am still nursing some. Brad is convinced its twins still, but I trust the ultrasound we already had done!

Madison's birthday party is coming up soon and so far we have over 20 people who are coming. A lot are my family who will be in town, as well as my brother and his girlfriend. So we're pretty excited. We're thinking it's not going to be too many more at this point, since those who were definitely planning on coming have already RSVP'd. We don't want to overwhelm the poor girl so we are going to try to keep it to less than 2 hours, maybe an hour and a half. Either way we're looking forward to celebrating our big girl's birthday.

Alright, whew. Feels better to be caught up in the blogging world. Maybe later I'll update again with my fatness belly pictures.

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Rebecca said...

Yay! So nice to see a good update. You've got a lot going on, girl. Made me tired to read it! I'm proud of you.
Love, Mom

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