Sunday, March 21, 2010

Madison is ONE!!

I'm a few days late updating, but Madison turned 1 on Friday and so this weekend has been super busy but a lot of fun! I never knew how much joy it would be celebrating my child's birthday (although I forward to the ones where she will actually know whats going on!) It has been such a wonderful year with my sweet girl. I can't imagine my life without her, and it feels like she's always been here. I am looking forward to another wonderful year with her as we begin this toddler stage!

Friday, on her actual birthday, we had a normal morning. Then Grandmommy and later Lito came to watch her while I got ready for her party cleaning and shopping. They were wonderful to stay all day because it took me all day! I was exhausted. Daddy was at work but when he got home we were able to give her a birthday present, a swing which she loves. We also had a little cupcake for her and all sang Happy Birthday so she had something to dig into on her actual birthday!
She got a lot of good books and cute clothes from Grandmommy and Lito as well, including her pink and green dress she wore for the party. Matched her party colors! (Brad and I coordinated in pink as well.)
Dancing in front of everyone during her slideshow, apparently she likes to be the center of attention.
The party went great, we had Zaxby's chicken fingers (which Uncle Stephen ate 20 of), chips and salsa and cheese, crackers and my grandmother's wonderful cheeseball, mints, cupcakes which my mom made and I decorated, cake and ice cream. We watched Madison's first year slideshow (which I'll post later) then opened presents and had cake.
The best part was afterward, when we were able to visit with my parents and brother and his girlfriend. It's the first time we've seen him since Christmas, and we're so happy he's moved back to Gainesville from Denver. We all sat around and talked until it was Maddie's bedtime, so even Maddie stayed up to spend time with Uncle Stephen!

Madison got so many wonderful presents and clothes, and it was really sweet to see how many people love our daughter and showed up for her big day. We had just under 30 people in our home! Big thanks again to everyone who came and especially to my parents who came to help all day Friday and all day Saturday.

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