Friday, February 12, 2010

What is this white stuff?!

Today was a fun day because it actually snowed here in Georgia! More than just flurries, too! Here in Dallas, Georgia we now have around 5 inches. It's still (lightly) snowing too! It is so beautiful to be able to look out and see one of God's amazing wonders, one we don't see much here in the South. So soft, quiet, and beautiful, a big white blanket covering everything. I love it. (However now that it is snowed sufficiently I am ready for warm, Spring breezes and sunshine, and being able to take Madison out to play!)

It started snowing sometime around lunchtime and my parents were able to come over and play with Madison in her first really good snow. Brad got off work a little early and was able to play with her outside again later! (and throw snowballs at us) She also got an early gift, a stuffed puppy from us and a big teddy bear for her first Valentine's Day from her grandparents. (Which she kept hugging and kissing, it was so sweet.) Although she'll see them again on Sunday at church and for Valentine's day and Daddy's birthday too!! Yup,  my Valentine's sweetheart will be the big 25 on Sunday! Crazy!
Maddie with her grandfather
Having a blast with Grandmommy
Outside with Daddy-it's cold!
With Mommy
Cold face!!
Our back yard and house

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

how pretty!!! we got so much over here too! I had so much fun playing in it! Looks like Madison liked it!! :)

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