Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am now 10 weeks pregnant. I can't believe how fast it has gone by, since I will be hitting the second trimester in several weeks! I guess it is going by faster since I am taking care of Madison and keep forgetting I'm even pregnant! The only thing that reminds me is the frequent bathroom visits and how much I am eating, about 8 big meals a day. Insane. I'm thinking I've gained maybe 1-2 pounds, but I don't really know. I need to update later with belly pictures for weeks 7, 9, and 10, because I missed week 8. Too caught up at the doctor's appointment I guess. Although I don't know why I'm taking pictures right now when there's not much showing!

The baby's irises are developing which is pretty cool. He or she is about 1.5 inches long, about the size of a kumquat now (according to babycenter updates). I'm not really sure what a kumquat is, but its a fun word. Here's a picture of one:
Madison is still doing great. She spends most of her time walking around and playing. She pretty much refuses to be held unless she is sleepy or just got up, and she is not exactly eating either. It's hard getting any food down her. She hasn't been eating for several weeks now, except some grilled cheese and a little baby food. Other than that she just wants to snack on goldfish and milk. She absolutely loves milk and gets super excited when she sees her sippy cup. I'll be very surprised if she's gained any weight in about a month, but she seems to be doing just fine! My only complaint is her "non-solid" diapers...we had to go out and buy disposable diapers the other day because I REFUSE to cloth diaper until she's back to normal! Ick!

She has a strong personality that is still developing, and according to my parents is starting to remind them of me when I was a baby. She is very strong-willed and picks on other babies. Not in a mean way, because she's very sweet, but she just doesn't know how to share yet. She likes to take toys and push down babies twice her size when she wants something...she's super tough and seems like the big bully (although always the youngest). It just cracks me up to see other babies on the ground and her being the last one standing, holding on to "her" toy she just took. Looks like some disciplining will be in order very soon! She usually makes up for it though by trying to entertain and cheer up other babies, which usually works.  She's always the happy one.

She also is very smart; she knows exactly where the handle is on our gates at home and on the gate at the church nursery. She found the pedal there and tries to escape. I'm not sure what to do about this since these gates are supposedly baby-proof. She has discovered where the door handles are at home (when we're holding her, since she can't reach) and knows how to undo a clip to get into her animal cookies. She's discovered the cat door but isn't quite strong enough to pull it up and out. She knows where the power buttons are on TVs (and volume buttons), and how much fun toilet paper and toilets can be. She also likes to purposefully throw things down the steps. When she's done playing in her bath, she just stands up and starts climbing out. It's pretty funny to watch. She also discovered how to stand up in her highchair so strapping her down/pushing the tray back is a must now. She'll be 11 months old this week which absolutely blows my mind! I can't believe she's turning 1 in about a month. I guess I'll count this as her 11 month update since it's only 3 days away.

Last but not least, the most exciting news is that her Uncle Stephen is returning home from Denver! He will be living with some friends again where he used to, back in Gainesville and looking for a new job in the Gainesville/Athens area. He is snowboarding today and will come home tomorrow (I hope for good!) I'm just so glad he is back and he can visit with his niece more. We have really missed him!

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