Monday, January 25, 2010

Weeks 5 and 6 Belly Pictures, etc.

5 Weeks

6 Weeks

You'll have to excuse how rough I look in these pictures. Maybe next time I'll just get the belly. Well as you can see not much is changing, but I do feel bloated all the time which just makes me feel fatter. I'm now 7 weeks so I'll have to take some more belly pics. I'm trying to do better this time about taking them; with Madison I always forgot.

Right now baby #2 has doubled in size since last week, and is now the size of a blueberry! How cute. Fingers and toes are getting longer and the brain is growing.

I'm pretty excited about going to the doctor next week. It's about time! We had to schedule a week later since the doctor I wanted (she gives in when I want an ultrasound, hehe) wasn't available till then. Brad is convinced it's twins. I'm not so convinced. We did however find out that there are 7 sets of twins on my grandfather's side. It has been over 100 years since any were born though. Wouldn't that be fun?? Wow. I have talked to several other mothers who had told me how close their kids are. It's so much more common than you think to have kids so close together. A lot of people had kids less than 18 months apart, and one woman at church said hers were 10.5 months apart. Wow! Might as well be like raising twins. Oh and for those of you who follow Mckmama's blog, she is pregnant with baby number 5, due sometime around the end of the summer, probably before me. She has a 1 year old, 2 year old, 3 year old, and one that just turned 5. And now a newborn coming soon! Her little Stellan is an amazing miracle. Read their story if you have time.

Madison is doing better, and so are we. We were all a little under the weather. Bad colds or something. Madison's nose was stuffed up and running pretty constantly, and she didn't eat hardly a thing for an entire day (what she did eat, she threw up). She's lost a little bit of weight again from that but is starting to eat better. Brad and I were able to finally get my parents to come over and keep her while we went on a much needed date Saturday night. They had other things to do but were very sweet when Brad convinced them! They of course loved it and she was an angel. Thank you again Mom and Dad, it's rare that we get out by ourselves! We have to take advantage of them before this next baby comes...I will be able to be gone at the most 2 hours before the new baby has to eat! Maybe not even that long...

Madison is doing even better at walking now too. I need to get a new video of her, but she's pretty much walking around the entire house without stopping, although she can stop, turn around, change directions, etc. if she wants to. She still uses one hand to to hold onto furniture to pick up a toy then stand back up. She's also into "giving" us things. She'll pick something up and hand it right to you. If you ask for it she'll give it to you also. She's also my little shadow...everywhere I go she follows. It's so cute to turn around and see this little midget walking towards you smiling constantly.

We are also going to try what the doctor said and go ahead and give her some organic whole milk today (as soon as we buy some, we only buy skim!) She only gets water in her sippy cup right now, so it will be good to get some extra nutrients. As I am gradually weaning her until 12 months, we are going to gradually introduce the whole milk too. I read the earliest you can introduce it is between 6-9 months, so we should be good. The reason a lot of people say to wait until 12 months is because it does not have iron in it, and they can become anemic, plus their system may not be able to handle it too early. Madison is still getting plenty of iron from breastmilk and other foods so we're good to go ahead and see how she does. Should go well with grilled cheese sandwiches that she loves!

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Katie Reeder said...

Twins would be crazy! I love the pics!

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