Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandmommy!

Today's post is dedicated to my mom whose birthday is today. She is the most amazing, godly woman you will ever meet. I owe her a lot, for all she has done in helping me learn how to be a mother. She was with me from the very beginning, in the delivery room as Madison was born, in the recovery room comforting her grandbaby, and a few days after spending the night at our home so we could get a little much needed sleep. I remember her helping us by taking Madison into her room (our extra bedroom) to sleep with her to give us a break, then another time in the wee hours of the morning when she stood by my side in the dark while we changed Madison's diaper. I had to hold a wipe under her little bottom because poo just kept coming, and we just had to laugh! I won't forget those bittersweet moments. Now she is still by my side, helping me and Brad out several times a week with Madison while we get some things done or when we go out just to get out.

She's always been there for me offering parenting advice, breastfeeding advice, supporting me in new things I'd like to try (like cloth diapers) and being a very knowledgeable nurse (she could have a degree in nursing and teaching, easy!) She was the first one Madison peed on before her bath (hehe), has bought her most of her adorable clothes and big baby items we needed, and was always that person Madison could sleep on for hours. She looks out for deals on baby food and is my extra coupon clipper! Her and my dad are also our best and favorite babysitters, the only ones we trust (besides those in the church nursery), and they are Madison's favorite people (besides Mommy and Daddy). I am so glad my mom is Madison's Grandmommy and I'm excited for her and my dad to spoil and influence the next little one too!

She is the best role model in my life and I look up to her more than anyone else. I consider her and my dad Madison's best role models in her life, too. They have proved to us the importance of a relationship with Christ and the importance of attending church and Sunday School each and every Sunday morning and evening, as well as being actively involved in church in other ways such as volunteering. Because of that, we want Madison to spend the most amount of time possible with them. They are wonderful grandparents to her. They also prove that they are Christians not just on Sunday, but are wonderful examples the rest of the week as well. They have instilled extremely conservative morals in us, even down to the little things in life, where Brad and I could not have learned from anyone else.

I am so blessed to call her "mom." I hope one day Madison and I can have the same relationship. Happy birthday Mom/Grandmommy, we love you!

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Rebecca said...

I love you. I'm proud of you. You have made your own choices these last few years and the Lord is pleased. Thank you for these sweet words and thank you for letting Lito and I hang out so much. You are very patient! :)

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