Saturday, December 26, 2009

First Christmas

Although we have a very sick child on our hands, Madison still had a pretty good first Christmas. On Wednesday we had my extended family's get together. We had some good food and opened a lot of presents and of course did some Christmas carol singing. Madison had a great time with everyone and did a little walking too.

 Half of the chaos at my grandparents' house.

On Christmas Eve, we went to our church's candlelight service which was great as usual. Madison got a flashlight to play with (instead of a candle of course!) and a cross ornament with the colored beads similar to a salvation bracelet like we all made in VBS when we were younger. Unfortunately Madison started to feel hot again and ended up sleeping on my mom most of the service.

Isn't that the most pitiful face?

With Uncle Stephen
After it was over we went to my parents' house for some amazing food. Madison's great-grandparents came after the service as well.

Feeling better?

We got home and got her in bed late, but ended up being up at 3 am. Madison was extremely hot and was running about a 103 fever. We had been keeping her on Ibuprofen and Tylenol but she was throwing up after she nursed. We're not sure how much medicine actually got in her system. Christmas morning came along and she felt much better. She "opened" her gifts and really enjoyed playing with them. My parents and grandparents came over for a good meal after that and she enjoyed some good sweet potato souffle. My favorite, too! She became feverish again after a few hours and fell asleep and slept on my mom for a long time again. I made a call to the doctor to talk to whoever was on call (of course she would get sick for the first time on Christmas day!). She was still very fussy and would randomly start crying. She had a hard time breathing through her nose and would snort a lot too. Although hesitant, we went on to Newnan to see Brad's family and her behavior didn't change. She got a lot of good toys, though.

We got home late, gave her medicine (she threw it up again after eating), put her to bed, and was up around 6 am. She was having a hard time breathing, was still hot, and threw up a TON of milk after nursing again. I guess we should have realized all her congestion was draining down her throat and upsetting her tummy, so milk didn't help too much. We got ready and found the nearest Urgent Care center. We got her back up and were the first ones there. The results? No ear infection, but a really red throat. She still had a fever and was very congested and fussy. They prescribed Amoxicillin which should knock any type of bacterial infection out, whether its strep or something similar. If it's viral, the fever won't go away and we'll have to take her to her regular doctor this coming week to make sure, but either way it has to run it's course.They were concerned about her hydration with all the throwing up so she is on Pedialyte all day, Amoxicillan twice a day, and Tylenol and Ibuprofen the rest of the time. No wonder she's not herself! Even though she hasn't had hardly anything to eat in a long time, she had still gained 2.5 ounces since her last appointment on Monday. We are not worried anymore, my guess is that it is Strep since she already had a flu shot. We just want her to feel better because she is usually so happy!

Madison's new toys!

Overall our Christmas was good, though. I never knew how excited and happy I would get seeing Madison's face light up when she opened a present. I don't care if we got a thing, as long as she was happy. We of course remember that it isn't about the gifts, but about Christ's birth. We did our traditional reading of Luke 2 on Christmas morning. Thank you Lord for the ultimate gift of Your Son, and our first Christmas with our baby girl!

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