Monday, December 21, 2009

9 Months Old!

I can't believe Madison turned 9 months old this past Saturday. Only 3 months until she's 1! She's still our little baby, though. She is such a sweet, happy, and talkative girl and rarely cries. She's up to new and fun things every day:
  • She likes to point at things and "talk" about them...mostly da da du du da type words. She'll carry on a whole conversation with a clock, which is one of her favorite things. Everyone seems to have them above their mantle so that's where she always looks.
  • She is having some more separation anxiety around strangers if she just woke up or came from somewhere quiet. If not, she's very sociable and tries to grab complete strangers' glasses. She still prefers Mommy the most, and loves her Daddy too. She also loves her Grandmommy very much and always greets her with a big smile, hug, and wants her to hold her.
  • She gives the sweetest, slobbery kisses with her tongue out a little.
  • She loves to clap when you tell her to clap or say "yay"
  • She is speeding down the furniture unbelievably fast, and is pulling up on everything possible. She likes to stand in her crib and point and talk by herself-she does this after waking up for a good 45 minutes. 
  • She does great with her walker and only needs 1 finger to walk. The doctor gives it another month or so before she is walking. She can also stand up by herself for 5-10 seconds if shes not too distracted.
  • She still does the army crawl, but only half the time. The other half of the time she crawls normally up on her hands and knees. I still don't get it!
  • As far as we know, she still has 8 teeth. I'm hoping she is not teething again with the fevers, diarrhea, and throwing up still.
  • She is still not into eating much, whether it's baby food, table food, or nursing. It's hard to get her to eat hardly anything--she would much rather play and walk around. However, she lets me know when she's hungry to nurse. She has a certain little whine she does and she gives me the stare down if someone else has her. I guess it's still a comfort thing too. She's also in love with her sippy cup.
  • Everyone covets her red hair. I never knew how many people would threaten to steal her from me because of her red hair. People come up to me (or my parents) and say "I want her" or "I wish my grandbaby (or baby) had red hair" or "She just has the most beautiful red hair and is going to be so beautiful when she's older." We've probably had at least a hundred people comment on her hair color since she was born. Forget about us blondes and brunettes, red is in!
We had her 9 month check up today. Madison is very average, perfect, and right on the money as the doctor put it. Not bad for having such a low birth weight. She was 18 lbs. 4 oz. and 27 3/4 in. long which is all 50th percentile. She is starting to become long and lean, and hopefully stay that way! Her disinterest in eating combined with wanting to walk and crawl around is finally showing. Right now she's in 12 month clothes, although she still has those cute little rolls on her thighs, which make things like leggings pretty tight! She also got her finger pricked to check her iron levels. She did great and her level was 13.7 which was normal.

Our doctor is very different than most "by-the-book" doctors I've heard about. I really like our doctor for that reason. He explains things well and is very honest about them. Most doctors will tell you you shouldn't let your child be in a front facing car seat until they are 12 months old AND 20 pounds. It is definitely 5 times safer if your child is facing back. Our doctor said it is more of an issue of their mobility and if they are almost walking, then it is ok to turn them around. (Brad seems to think that means that they can control themselves better, with motor coordination, etc.) Here in another month or two we may be considering doing that. Madison would LOVE to face forward I'm sure. She cries if she gets bored and tired and has no one to play with or look at. It would definitely help me when I'm driving to not have to listen to her fuss! Being the protective mother that I am though, I still make myself remember that its much safer to face back. Her feet are touching the back seat though, so we may have to switch her soon anyways.

The doctor also talked about the weaning process now that she is 9 months old. I plan on gradually weaning Madison around 12 months or so, but even then it may be hard for me. It is such a sweet, bonding time that you can't describe. We are so close because of it. I know a lot of moms cry during their last nursing session. Obviously I can breastfeed as long as I (and Madison) would like, but they recommend that babies get breastmilk until 12 months old at least. Our doctor said that is just an easy number for them to say...Most babies can be put on whole milk or something called Next Step at 10.5 months. That was very interesting and I've never heard of that before 12 months. My mom told me that back when we were babies the norm was they were supposed to be breastfed until 6-8 months at least. So times have definitely changed. It all depends on the baby and if they're gradually weaning themselves, I'm sure. For now we're going to shoot for nursing 4 times a day in addition to eating 3 times a day.

We had to go ahead and make our next appointment for her 1 year at the end of March! I'm not looking forward to all the shots, but it will be an exciting time when our baby turns 1.

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