Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My New Diapering Obsession

So my good friend Candace from Sunday School got me hooked on cloth diapers. When I would always think of cloth diapers, I thought eww, I don't want to deal with the mess, have to fold and fasten, etc. Boy was I wrong! Apparently I'm way behind on the times since a bunch of people are already using these. These are just like disposables, except you reuse them for years (and for future babies!)

After doing a bunch of research (they are sooo many different types and options) I decided to order some a week ago. My favorite is the BumGenius 3.0 All-In-One. They are so thick and absorbent (hold 12 oz. of liquid) but also have an optional pocket to put an insert in (which holds 15 oz. of liquid). Madison is a heavy wetter at night, and her sleeper would always be damp in the morning. I've used these every night since I got them, and she has not felt wet even after 14 hours! They have microfiber and suede cloth in the middle which wicks moisture away from her skin, so her skin is dry all night. She never has any diaper rash or red marks on her thighs either. She is in a size medium which will last her to 22 lbs. supposedly. My only complaint is that they take forever to dry in the dryer, but that's because they are so thick and absorbent. Here's the All-In-One:

I also bought a One Size diaper (also by BumGenius). They have snaps on the front where you fit it to small, medium, or large. Madison will be able to wear this forever so I'm happy about that. This kind doesn't have the extra absorbency, but a pocket instead. It's considered a Pocket Diaper or One size diaper. I bought some inserts for it (which I also use for the All in ones). They were pretty cheap. Here's the One size that you just fold down and snap:

I bought a Thirsties Diaper Cover to go over the prefolds. I am only using prefolds at home right now, just because they are so much cheaper. They work great as well. When I go out, I still prefer the others.

I have not had a single leak with any of these diapers, even with Maddie's exploding diapers from teething (nice, huh?) I am still sending disposables to the nursery every Sunday because I don't want them to have to worry about it. The only difference between these and disposables are that instead of throwing them away, you just put them in a bag to take home and wash. They also recommend you wash with additive-free detergent, such as those for sensitive skin or eczema. I got "All Small & Mighty." The reason for this is you don't want buildup on the diapers, which would make them repel water. I have my dry diaper pail (really just a small trashcan with a lid) in my laundry room and wash them every evening. It's just a small load. These are saving us sooo much money and they're so much better for babies, especially those with sensitive skin. Apparently disposables have chlorine in them, which obviously isn't good. Yes these diapers are a bit pricier, ($15.95 for 1 All in one) but we'll break even in about a month, and never have to spend another penny on diapers again.

I purchased my diapers from Diaper Junction but Moms Milk Boutique has free shipping. My friend said Cloth Diaper Outlet is great too. She uses FuzziBunz diapers and loves them. (I decided against them since they are snaps instead of velcro--I can't keep Madison still that long to snap) She has never had a leak with FuzziBunz, even with her son still having those classic breastfed explosion diapers. She said they fit great, even though he is only 3 months old and over 17 pounds. She also gave me some wipe recipes while she was at it. That has helped save some money too. I made my own wipes (soft cloths or flannel or even baby washcloths). I got mine from the automotive section of Walmart (2.5 lbs for $5--sooo soft). I cut them up and I use a mixture of Aveeno Baby Wash with Oatmeal for Sensitive Skin, baby oil, water, and Vitamin E. It may sound like a lot of work but it's not! I throw them in the wash with the diapers. I still use regular wipes for the dirty diapers and when I'm out, though.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and I'm going to buy more soon. They come in a lot of fun colors. Recently I've bought from Cottonbabies.com. They offer free shipping in the US and have a great selection!


{ang} said...

Ohh, this is very exciting. Ben and I are on the five month countdown until we start trying and I'm soaking up all the baby knowledge I can. I had no idea these were out there, and I also thought cloth diapers were worse for the baby. I'll definitely be looking into these when our time comes! Keep sharing baby finds!

The DeMar Family said...

I love thirsties covers! We started on the bummis covers and didn't like them as well. Plus, thirsties come in cuter colors!

KatieSmyth said...

Love your post about Cotton Babies! I would be careful, though, with your wipe recipe--it has oil in it which may clog up your diapers when you wash them together. I would hate for you to end up with stinky diapers! I'm so glad you have made the switch...and that you are enjoying it so much:)

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