Sunday, November 1, 2009

Madison's First Halloween

On Thursday, we went to my dad's work and did some trick or treating. They have a tradition each year where they give away candy from their offices and decorate the halls for Halloween. It was a ton of fun and Maddie was a hit as a little leopard kitty. She had a great time and my dad of course had fun showing her off. She picked her own candy out of the bowls and insisted on walking around most of the time.

I got her costume at Gymboree for $8. I was so happy since it was originally $35! I always have my coupons, but I waited until the last minute. Oh well, it worked out! I couldn't bear to spend more on something she was only going to wear twice.

On Halloween, we went to go see some friends and then came home later on and went trick or treating in our neighborhood (well, a few houses at least). It was cold and drizzly, but Madison had a great time, even up past her bedtime. One neighbor thought she was so cute and decided to give her the rest of their candy. That was our supper last night!

She now has another tooth about to come in, so that is #5. We're still looking for a partner for one on the bottom, so it's apparently not ending anytime soon! She has been MUCH happier and not as fussy, though. She's finally keeping some food down too. For awhile during the teething she was also waking up randomly at night, but has finally quit. Mommy won! Her sleeping is now back to normal, and her naps are longer, Hooray!
I made a new purchase for Maddie last week, so when I get a chance I will update about that. I'm excited!

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