Monday, November 30, 2009

Maddie's First Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, especially for such a healthy, beautiful baby girl. We are so blessed! Madison had a great time trying her Thanksgiving foods. We went to my grandparents house and she joined us all at the table in a highchair. She had sweet potato souffle, pumpkin pie, and her food as well, which her great-grandfather helped feed her. We were absolutely stuffed as we headed to Brad's Uncle and Aunt's house. Last year I was able to eat 2 Thanksgiving dinners since I was pregnant, but I just couldn't do it this year! Madison got to play with her (3rd?) cousins Scarlett and Brett, who are just a couple months older.

On Black Friday we decided not to do the whole 4 am thing like we had done before. Nevertheless we drove up to Walmart which is about 3 minutes away at 10 am and were out by 10:30. We bought Maddie a few toys and now they're wrapped and sitting under the Christmas tree. We spent the rest of the day decorating our house while my parents babysat.

Madison still hasn't had much of an appetite for anything lately. On our way to church last night I noticed she had a little bit of a runny nose. This child has never been sick, never had a fever or cold, etc. Brad has been sick for almost a week now, so of course I was hoping she was not coming down with what he has. She was very fussy in the nursery which is unusual (they say she's the happy baby). She was exhausted and slept the whole way home. We got her in bed but she was up right before 1 am and felt hot to me. I had been watching her on our video monitor and she was extremely restless. Sure enough she had a little bit of a fever. I gave her medicine and she was up again at 2:30, but her fever was gone. She was hungry though, so I felt like I was feeding a newborn at that time of night again! She refused to eat supper in the nursery and didn't nurse well before bed. She was up again at 5, then a few hours later. She's been perfectly fine today and is her usual, loud, talking self. I am praying it was only a short little cold, since she could barely breathe through her nose and kept snorting!

She's been very clingy to me lately too, especially when tired. She said "mama" yesterday, directed right at me and reaching for me. (Most of the time she babbles dada and other words.) It's so sweet that she wants me so much but other times I get tired of her only coming to me! Sometimes I can get her to go to Daddy or Grandmommy, but that's about it. She's definitely a mommy's girl!

She is still doing her army crawl. She is fully capable of getting up on her knees and rocking and pulling up on furniture, but doesn't do it often. She would rather do her army crawl which is funny to watch. She is turning out like me, since I did the same thing according to my mother. I was walking by 10 months, then crawled AFTER that. I'm afraid that as much as Maddie likes to walk and is so good at it, she may be walking by the end of January too!

We are going to get her picture made with Santa sometime soon, so that will be fun (I hope!) I can't wait for her first Christmas.

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