Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Almost Forgot It Was Wednesday!

But it won't be wordless :)

After a few weeks of battling mealtime, I think we've finally solved the problem. Madison is way too distracted to eat sometimes. She'd rather be "walking" around or playing. When she does eat, she has to be hungry enough to take food from a spoon. I read an article about babies becoming more independent between 8-10 months old, so she falls right into that category. So we've been trying new and different foods, mostly finger foods that she can feed herself. She loves hard boiled egg yolk (shown in top 2 pictures) as well as cheerios, puffs, teething biscuits, yogurt melts, cut up bananas, peaches, berries, cheese, etc. She's also had some little bits of chicken, stuffing, and sweet potatoes. I'm sure this week we'll try some pumpkin pie or something as well. Yum! So far she's not allergic to anything, so we're doing ok. She also has 7 teeth broken through now, and the 8th is visible right through the gum. How on earth can an 8 month old have so many teeth? No wonder she wants to eat grown up food!

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