Thursday, November 19, 2009

8 Months Old!

I can't believe how many days in a row I've blogged! I may need to lay off soon...
Anyways my baby is 8 months old today. I can't believe how old that sounds! She is full of so much energy and talks constantly. She has turned into a wiggle worm but has also gotten very sweet and affectionate. My parents taught her how to give (slobbery) kisses which is so sweet. I'm gradually seeing some separation anxiety/mommy's girl tendencies, too. She's still very easy to distract, though.

She knows the words cat, book, juice, clock, clap and of course mommy and daddy. Especially if you say the word "cat" she will start looking around hoping to find one to chase and harass. She's learned to associate the sound of the garage door opening with daddy too.

We went through a tough couple of weeks here recently with teething and keeping food down. She's a good eater, but only when she wants to be. A few days ago she threw up her entire lunch after choking on apple juice, and most days she is too distracted to eat. She wants to play all the time instead! After she threw up all over the floor and highchair I undressed her right there and put her in the exersaucer for a minute while I cleaned up. By the time I got done she had her diaper halfway off. So I've switched to her velcro cloth diapers for nighttime, and her new Flip snap diapers for the day. (I also got some flushable liners which makes things super easy for those solid diapers.)

She likes to spit all the time which doesn't help with all the drooling. She has 5 teeth and about 3 more that we can see right through her gums. I'm sure those will be here soon. She enjoyed her first Thanksgiving dinner at church last night, gobbling up some of my sweet potatoes!

We are having to tell her "no" now that she is into everything. She likes cords and finding magazines and ripping up paper. Of course everything goes into her mouth so I've had to vacuum a lot more. She bumps her head about 10 times a day but is to the point where she doesn't even notice it anymore. We're not quite done babyproofing but hope to get it done soon. Overall, her little personality is coming out and it's so cute to watch her play and interact. We fall more in love with her each day!

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