Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Like Father, Like Daughter

2 words: Hyper and Nerdy
You'll have to excuse Brad, he got a little excited.

We have got to get Madison her own little play laptop, at least by Christmas.
A quick update on the teething...we found another tooth. She now has one that hasn't quite broken through on bottom, and one up top that has already broken through. That's the one we didn't know about. No wonder she is miserable. Since they usually come in pairs, we could possibly be having 4 come in at once. The past few days have still been bad. She is happy during the day, but come evening she whines constantly. She has been going to bed really early, sometimes without supper :( One night she spit everything up anyways. We're trying to stretch it out until her normal bedtime, or else she will be up very early...the other morning she was up for good at 6:30am. No fun for me! (I'm NOT a morning person) It's just so frustrating because we never knew her first 2 teeth were coming when they came in. She wasn't fussy at all! But now we're praying this phase ends very soon, and we get a break before the next teeth come!

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