Saturday, September 19, 2009

Half a Year Old

Today Madison is 6 months old! I still cannot believe she has been here that long. She has changed our lives so much, definitely for the better. I can’t imagine life without her now. I was a nanny for several years in the past and know what it’s like to get attached to a kid, but the feeling is so much more amazing when it is your own child. I never knew I would feel so much love for someone so itty bitty! God has blessed us so much with such a sweet, beautiful, little girl. I am so thankful that He gave us one of His sweet creations for us to enjoy and raise into a godly woman. I remember reading 1 Samuel 1, where Hannah dedicates Samuel to the Lord. She prayed for that child, as did Brad and I. The Lord was so good to us and continues to be. I hear about families that have lost their sweet little babies so young to terrible diseases or accidents…some that have lost more than one, and some that aren’t able to have a baby. I am so thankful that God gave us this child, and I really don’t know why we even deserve her. I just know that we will forever praise Him for her and raise her up in church to love and worship Him, and grow with other children. We want to be able to give her the best childhood we can. She brings such joy to us and to our family, and she has only been here 6 months! I have grown as a person as she has grown, too. I have become a mother, something I always wanted to be, yet I never imagined how rewarding the experience would really be. It has caused me to mature and change in different ways, as I now have this little person to take care of, teach, and love.

I remember 6 months ago today laying in the hospital bed feeling her moving around like crazy and hearing her movements loud and clear through the belly monitor. She was so hyper, like she was waiting to come out. I remember laying there for hours without an epidural, doing just fine, even on Pitocin. Then I remember the nurse and midwife coming in around 3 am and waking me up quickly, saying the contractions were super close and they were concerned about Madison’s heartrate. They tried to put in an interior monitor but for some reason couldn’t break the rest of my water, but whatever they did made my contractions go off the charts. Next thing I remember I was getting an epidural then I was out for another couple of hours, until I woke up feeling pain again like she was coming out…and she was! It was such a short labor, which was great since the epidural felt like it had worn off. Within another 45-50 minutes my sweet baby was in this world, screaming loud for everyone to hear! I was so out of it, completely exhausted from not sleeping much at all that night. I remember being shocked at how little she was though, since big 10 to 11 and half pound babies run in my family. Nevertheless, she was perfect.

She has changed so much since she was born, I remember when she would sleep most of the day (and be up most of the night!) and cry a lot. Now she rarely cries and even sleeps 12 hours at night sometimes. She could use a little help with her naps which average out to be 30 minutes, but that is just her personality. She likes to be social and constantly involved in whatever is going on. People always comment on what a happy and content baby she is. When she was so little, people would say she looked like a little porcelain baby doll. Then the common phrase was about how long and pretty her eyelashes are. Now people always comment on her plump, rolly thighs and just how fat she is overall, even her pediatrician. A little old man came up to her one time while shopping and said “You’re a fat little thing, aren’t you?” That really made me laugh. His wife kept saying how pretty she is and how pretty her big blue eyes are.

Madison is going through a new phase of throwing her toys and and banging them on the table or highchair. While she was supposed to be taking a nap the other day, she actually took her paci out of her mouth and threw it out of her crib against the wall! Wow, she has such a personality. She is also doing great sitting up on her own, and apparently once babies are able to do that, they have developed enough muscle tone in the right areas to be able to start crawling. She really looks like she is going to take off any day now. Regardless of the fact that she isn’t crawling yet, she is still very mobile and gets around! She likes to roll her way around the entire room, and she’s quick at it, too! I look away for 30 seconds, and before I know it, she is almost climbing the TV stand. I now have to put pillows in certain places so she doesn’t hurt herself, and I’m not looking forward to the trip where we have to buy a bunch of baby-proofing supplies! We did buy her a few toys for her birthday today (I know, I’m pathetic) and she loved them. I also got her to drink from a sippy cup, although she still prefers a real cup, but I feel more comfortable if I have to send a sippy cup to the church nursery with her now. Her weight gain has slowed down here recently because of teething again I think. The first time she teethed, she spit up and drooled a ton. She has done that again, and it seems like she is spitting up half her meal (whether she eats food or nurses). Still no sign of anymore teeth, though. She is apparently thriving just fine though, and loves to play all the time. She loves being outside, loves being held and walked around to see things, loves it when we come to pick her up from her crib, loves to roll around, loves her exersaucer, loves grabbing people’s faces, loves playing peekaboo with her blanket, loves to stand up, loves to eat, loves to being tickled, and loves to smile and laugh.

Thank you Lord for these past 6 months!

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Rebecca said...

It's been a wonderful and joyful and fun 6 months. She is precious to all of us. We are so blessed!

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