Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun Time at the Doctor

We had the 36 week doctor appointment today. I wasn't looking forward to it very much knowing that I had to have the GBS test, but my blood pressure was also a little elevated for me (usually very low). It wasn't a big deal though as the doctor didn't mention it. At 36 weeks, I've put on a total of 33 pounds. It's definitely slowed down now though (even though I think Madison is gaining about an ounce a day).

Our main concern today was her position. Up until this point, doctors had been thinking she was transverse, spread out across sideways. It definitely felt like it, since I usually have two big lumps on either side of my belly button. I've been starting to feel a little movement very low though. Well the doctor felt my belly, and he couldn't tell. If she wasn't head down, they were going to discuss doing an ECV since I am already 36 weeks. So he sent me over for a quick ultrasound. The ultrasound technician thought the same thing about her being transverse, however, she found her head way down low. She is head down, with her bottom on one side of my belly button, and her knee on the other (which is what we had been thinking was her head). It's been her knee this whole time that has been hurting me so much. So all is good to go! We are very happy and have been falsely accusing her of misbehaving this whole time! Shes just in a really weird position in my opinion. The ultrasound tech said she has some strong little legs, like a little gymnast, and has just been pushing off to make my belly so lumpy.
So anyways we left the doctor in shock, since we had gone prepared to schedule an ECV. Thank the Lord she is in the right position and ready to go whenever. We start our weekly appointments now so we will be updating next Wednesday, the 25th.

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Rebecca said...

Whew! We are so relieved! Thank the Lord for answered prayer. She really seems like a strong little thing...stinker!

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