Tuesday, January 20, 2009

8 Weeks To Go

Today was the 32 Week checkup. Everything went smoothly, my belly is still measuring right on track and Madison's heartbeat sounded good. I did however gain 4 more pounds in just 2 weeks, so hopefully that won't happen again. I feel like she went through a growth spurt recently because I was having 3 suppers and still not feeling satisfied...she is supposedly weighing somewhere around 4 pounds now, but who knows. I think she is running out of room as well, because just recently I had become worried that she was not moving like her normal active self. The kick counts came in just fine though, and the midwife said not to worry as long as those are normal. They tend to run out of room at this point and may not be quite as active. Next goal is turning head down! She drives me nuts being transverse all the time, its starting to really get uncomfortable the bigger she gets. But other than that, all is well! I go back to the doctor on February 4 for my 34 week checkup. Maybe I will update before then... :)

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