Tuesday, October 28, 2008

20 Week Ultrasound

Well as most of you know from the previous post, we found out at today's appointment that we are having a sweet baby girl! She is perfect, measuring exactly at about 20 weeks. All her organs and measurements looked great, she had all 4 chambers of her heart, which we saw beating as well as 10 fingers and 10 toes. Mom is doing great, having gained 4 more pounds in 3 weeks. God has truly blessed us with such a healthy, strong, perfect baby! She was quite restless during the ultrasound, moving around constantly. We were able to record the whole process, so here is the video of the ultrasound today! Be sure to look for her crossing her ankles at one point, possibly waving at us, putting her hands on her head and face playing peekaboo, and maybe a couple of hiccups! When she is facing down, we think she could possibly be sucking her thumb. She has a cute little profile, and of course you will see the arrow pointing to the "girly" parts!! That view is from the bottom up :)


Rebecca said...

Madison is one active little girl. I loved seeing her hands. Thanks for putting this up with the beautiful music. I can hardly wait until March!
Love, Mom/Madre

Ginger said...

I can watch this video 100 times and see something new each time. Truly Amazing!! This Grandma is on a cloud. I can't wait till March!!

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