Saturday, November 15, 2014

Natalie is 2 Months Old!

Natalie, you are 2 months old! It feels like you've always been here. You are the sweetest, snuggliest baby and we love you to pieces.

You are doing great sleeping. You sleep anywhere from 6-8 hours straight, eat, then go back to sleep for several more hours. All 4 of you kids have spoiled me and I'm so grateful for that sleep! You are nursing about every 3 hours, and a little more often in the evenings before bed. You're an absolute little pig and have rolls everywhere just like all your siblings did.
 Sweet little hands and feet

You have beautiful red hair like your sister (slightly darker still) with a receding hair line. We like to use headbands for that reason :) Your eyes are still that newborn blue and your eyelashes and eyebrows are light too. You have a few chins and Landon's chubby cheeks and lips. I see Landon in you most, but Madison and Micah at times as well.

You are wearing a size 2 diaper and 3-6 month to 6 month clothes. You had your 2 month check up yesterday and you are weighing in at 14 lb. 8 oz. (95%) and are 23.5 in. long (81%). Your head is also in the 95th percentile. You're a big healthy, growing girl! I've been told I apparently make milkshakes because I've never seen kids gain so much weight so fast.

You have taken a bottle of pumped milk a few times, so I am trying to do it occasionally so you don't completely reject it like your sister did (your brothers never took a single bottle.) You also take a paci sometimes when you're very sleepy.

You have been smiling for a few weeks and just started laughing a little. It's the cutest and once I'm able to trim down the video I will post it :) You are starting to make more little noises too when we talk to you-you move your tongue like a lizard like you are trying to talk back. You make very good eye contact and stare at us! You absolutely do not care for tummy time-you are quite the princess and you don't even try to lift your head. You will just lay there until someone picks you up! Oh the drama already ;)
You blow lots of bubbles too

Tummy time is beneath you!

You have an adorable personality and are very easy going. You get the hiccups several times a day so you live off of Gripe Water. You can belch like a grown man at times and like to poop out a massive explosion every 3 days--not very ladylike. You are back to going everyday now though so you don't ruin as many outfits. Everyone talks about how pretty you are-your little features are absolutely gorgeous and girly looking.

We love you sweet girl and these have been 2 of the best months of our lives ever!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Natalie is 1 Month Old!

Natalie, you are now a whole month old! You are becoming more and more alert each day and giving us more eye contact. We've even seen a few little smiles when we talk to you. You smile and sometimes laugh in your sleep too, and its the cutest thing ever. You breathe harder and start flailing when you get excited, and like to look up to see who's holding you. 

You're a chunky little thing who could eat all day if I let you. You still spit up a good bit which makes me think you're eating more than you can hold. You remind me of your big sister in that way. You nurse every 3-4 hours a day unless you're napping, in which you can go longer. At night, you are doing much better. There haven been a couple nights now where you've gone 5-6 hours straight without eating. Mommy actually got sleep from 11pm to 5am last night! You are in the bassinet of your playpen now which I think helps, so you're not so close to me.
You are in Size 1 diapers and are wearing 3 month clothes. You are officially out of everything newborn which kind of makes me sad :(

You have the cutest feet. I've always loved baby feet. Who doesn't?

You are the easiest kid to tote around and always pass out when you're in your carseat. You never fuss in it (which I know may change one day) and can sleep long amounts of time in it. This is good since you spend a lot of time in the car going to get your older siblings from school and preschool-lots of time in the carline! You are the perfect 4th child, so sweet, easy, and beautiful! 
 A successful playdate/great day at kindergarten/sleepy baby=4 sleeping babies=happy mommy

You snuggle the best too :) 

Can't wait for new milestones in the next month! We love our sweet baby Natalie.
(Micah missed out on this one since he was napping)

Madison loves making videos still.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Natalie's First Bath

All of our kids have loved their first bath and never I was thrilled when Natalie did the same :)
All clean and snuggly!

Natalie's 2 Week Check Up

When we left the hospital, Natalie was 8 lb. 1 oz. We then went in on Monday for her first check up and she was 8 lb. 2 oz. and doing great they said. Milk came in Sunday night but the colostrum before that worked fast to get rid of all those meconium diapers! I feel like we hardly had to change any which was nice :)

We then went for her 2 week check up the following week and she was up to 9 lb. 6 oz. (84%) and 21 in. long (78%). They said they usually want them back to their birth weight by 2 weeks and Natalie well surpassed that by a pound. My little piggies have always done that and been great eaters. 

We also discussed possible reflux in her because there are times that she spits up but it doesn't always come out, and she gags/chokes/doesn't breathe for a second. The pediatrician said she's fine, because she's gaining weight and it doesn't bother her or make her upset. If that wasn't the case, then she'd need to be on Zantac. He left it up to me to decide so we opted to not put her on it. She's been fine and the doctor said it's most likely due to the fact that she is such a little pig. (Their tummies are so tiny and I know I'm producing way more than she needs. I pumped once and in just a few minutes already had half a bottle full-and the pump isn't even as efficient as a baby-no wonder she spits up so much!)

We'll go back for her 2 month check up as she doesn't need a 1 month check up.


Natalie's Birth Story

I will try to type everything I remember, but it's been 3.5 weeks and I haven't slept longer than 3-4 hour stretches in that time period so I'll do my best :) Having 3 other children who don't let me "sleep when the baby sleeps" doesn't help my zombie-like state either! Oddly enough, this labor and delivery went down almost exactly like Madison's 5.5 years ago...even down to the same midwife and water leaking, etc. They were also born 2 minutes apart!

I was due on Wednesday, September 3. That day came and passed like I figured it would given my past. On Thursday September 4 I went in for my 40 week check up. They did the ultrasound (Biophysical profile) to make sure Natalie looked good. Everything checked out and they estimated her weight to be about 8 lb. 3 oz. I saw one of the doctors after that (I see both midwives and doctors there) and she stripped my membranes to see if we could get anything started. I've had this done multiple times in the past with no luck, but this time it hurt a lot. I was at 2cm and 80% effaced. They went ahead and scheduled my induction to be on Tuesday the 9th at 6am. Brad was with me so we left and headed out to pick the boys up at preschool. After we picked up Micah, we were walking across the building to get Landon when suddenly I felt my thighs get really wet. I headed to the bathroom while Brad and Micah went on to get Landon. I think I was in denial somewhat but I was pretty sure it was my water leaking (again, I've had experience several times with it leaking). I decided to wait and see if it leaked anymore the rest of the day because it was only a tiny bit. We took the boys out, got some Zaxby's for lunch, then headed over to pick up Madison from school. We came home and I started feeling some painless contractions around 4-5pm. To me it was odd that they were painless, just very tight and very regular. My parents later got home and I was starting to have a little more pain and my water started leaking a little again. I had several friends texting me all day to see how things were going and I honestly didn't know if I was in real labor or not (I've never experienced contractions on my own, only water breaking). Finally around 9 something I decided to call and see if they wanted me to come into the hospital. My contractions were very irregular at this point but because there's the risk of infection awhile after water breaks, they said I could come on in or wait until the morning. My midwife left it up to me. I decided that we needed to get this done so I packed up after getting the kids in bed. As soon as we were about to walk out the door, Micah puked in his crib. Honestly I thought this was the absolute worst timing and I was just gonna have to hold this baby in a few more days till he got better. We figured out it was probably some sour milk he had drank earlier because he seemed so much better and only did it once, then went back to sleep. Brad and my mom cleaned up his crib and I cleaned Micah up (as best I could while contracting and leaking). My mom drove us to the hospital while my dad stayed back with the kids.

We got to the hospital and since it was so late, most doors were locked so we had to walk around to the main entrance and down halls upon halls...which seemed like it was a 20 minute walk while contracting every few minutes.

Brad got this lovely picture of us walking to main doors...trying to smile in between contractions.

I signed in, then they took me to the assessment room and hooked me up to monitor contractions and make sure I was leaking amniotic fluid. It was a yes to both but I was still only 2cm dilated. They went ahead and put in my IV (well, a practicing nurse did and just left a whole in my arm, no blood-ouch. The other nurse got it in my hand-bigger ouch). They monitored me a little bit longer and got the plan from my midwife, then walked me to my labor room.

I got settled in my bed, answered all their questions, and began to wait. After a little while, my midwife came in and said to get started on Pitocin. I knew this would happen and I never want it, but I knew it would speed things along since I wasn't very regular. At this point I was up to 4cm on my own and the pain was not bad at all. I was doing just fine with no pain medication but I decided to go ahead and get the epidural when I got the Pitocin because it is rough stuff. I've had Pitocin now all 4 times and it is NOT fun. The anesthesiologist came in and stuck the giant needle in my back which was extremely painful, more so than the other 3. In fact, now 3 weeks later, I can still feel pain back there and I'm not sure when that will ever go away!

They started Pitocin after that and I tried to sleep on and off as best I could. Brad of course was snoring away and my mom tried her best to sleep some and pay attention every time they came in to check on things too. At one point, they had to turn off the Pitocin because Natalie's heart rate dropped too low, similar to what happened with Micah. I was turned over several times during the night because I'd have pain on my side or we needed to adjust to get her heart rate clearer, etc. I felt a good bit of the pain though, even with the epidural. I felt when contractions came and it was not fun, boosting my epidural did not help either. I just got the shakes from the epidural, and it was a pretty miserable few hours. Finally I got the same pain in my right side that I got with ALL 3 other kids that told me I was completely dilated. They of course did not want to keep checking me because my water had been broken for over 12 hours and they didn't want to risk infection. After asking several times, the nurse called my midwife and she said to go ahead and check me. Sure enough, all I needed was a little practice push and I was at 10 cm. She called my midwife back and said it was time to have a baby. Those were the heavenly words I was looking for!

Everyone came in, all the nurses and baby nurses and my midwife and got everything set up. I started pushing and she came pretty quickly. I pushed 11 minutes total and she was out. However, we had a really scary moment when her body was coming out. I did not hear it, but my mom said one of the nurses looked down and said "call NICU." At that moment my midwife stood up and looked like she was wrestling Natalie out. I gave one final hard push and she was out. The nurse then said "nevermind." Apparently, she had a very short cord and she was stuck-we had no idea. They weren't able to put her on my chest right away because the cord wouldn't reach. Brad had to cut it before I got her. She started crying (which sounded just like Landon!) and all was well. It took forever for my placenta to come out also, so I'm not sure what the deal was with all that. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was told I had a frontal or anterior placenta (which wasn't a problem, I just may not feel her movement as well). Natalie was there and healthy and I couldn't ask for anything more. She nursed like a champ and we of course fell in love with her. To me, she looks like Landon as a newborn, only slightly daintier/girlier and petite.

We were moved up to our recovery room a little bit later and I was still having really painful contractions every once in awhile, especially while breastfeeding. In fact they were worse than they were in labor, and this went on for probably a week or so after we got home. They were only able to give me Ibuprofen or Percocet which didn't help a bit. However they said my uterus was going down very fast so that helped. We had our routine stuff done, I was able to take out my IV after awhile, got a few hospital meals in me, and we were finally discharged to go home on Saturday. It was so nice to go home and not have someone wake you up every few hours to check your blood pressure and temperature!
So tiny going home!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Natalie Grace Evans

Natalie Grace Evans, our newest little love!
September 5, 2014
8 lbs. 6 oz.
20 inches 

A few minutes after birth:
 My fantastic four! To say they love her and are obsessed with her would be an understatement!
 Yes, of course I went late. This is on my way in to my last check up at 40 weeks. She came 2 days later. She was estimated to be 8 lbs. 3 oz. that day on ultrasound. Very close!
 And yes, she is another beautiful redhead like her sister! :)
 Sweetest baby ever.
 Our little loves. Our family is complete and we couldn't be happier!
Birth story to come soon!! (before I forget!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I have been an absolutely terrible blogger and so I am updating for the first time in almost 8 months or so. We have had LOTS of new stuff happen lately. My last update was about the fact that we are expecting baby #4, so exciting! Well I am now 39 weeks and ready to deliver any day now (would be nice, at least). What's been going on over the last several months:

  • By far the roughest pregnancy for me. I had morning sickness for 6.5 months straight. Threw up around the same time every morning until the 3rd trimester. If you know me, you'd know I'd rather have the flu than throw up a single time. I can't take it. This was pure torture. But finally, around 26 weeks, it subsided. So strange considering I didn't have morning sickness with the other 3. I've also had plenty of back pain, painful swollen varicose veins (which I got with Micah but disappeared after having him), acid reflux, LOTS of peeing every 30 minutes (every 2 hours or so at night) and oh, I was in the ER one time around 10 weeks. Not a fun experience. Apparently when you're pregnant a lot of your joints are all whacked up and I had a finger I've had trouble with before...apparently popping it (cracking my knuckle) wasn't good while pregnant and Synovial fluid leaked out forming a cyst in my hand. Cyst ruptured, created Cellulitis. Entire hand swelled up and turned red and it was the worst pain of my life. Luckily after some IV's, steroids, and antibiotics, they got it under control. Apparently Cellulitis is fatal if not treated. All I could think about was my baby, at just 10 weeks gestation. Glad that nightmare is over.
  • We decided to find out a little early what we are having--it's a GIRL! So excited. We now have 2 and 2 and I am so happy and content with our little family. We have a name but are waiting till she is born to announce. 
  • We were finally able to sell our house. We had tried By Owner for the longest time but finally decided to go with Duffy. Couldn't afford a traditional agent. It sold within 2 weeks. 
  • We are now moved in with my parents. They are too good to us. 
  • We are waiting on our house to be built. It will be a few more months before its completed but we are so excited. Things will be tight but we will finally have enough rooms for the kids, a playroom, a basement, and a nice backyard for them to play in. Along with a few other nice perks we didn't have before. Our old house drove me nuts with no area to take the kids outside. We will also be in the school district we need to be in, plus 5 minutes from school, preschool, and Brad's work. And 10-15 minutes closer to church (vs. 25-30 mins). That will save us a ton of gas considering we make about 4 trips there then back each week (that's 4 hours of driving!)
  • Madison started KINDERGARTEN!!! I miss her dearly because she is my big helper and so sweet and helps me with the boys but I am so happy for her. She is loving it of course and doing great. Brad is able to take her and pick her up every day too since he works right down the road. 
  • The boys started preschool! Landon's 3rd year and Micah's 1st! Landon is having a blast with a lot of his classmates from last year and Micah seems to be doing better. He is still very upset in the mornings but is happy the rest of the day. He's a sympathy cryer too which doesn't help when the other little ones in his class are crying each morning. Since we live with my parents, my mom enjoys taking them to preschool on the mornings they go. I get to sit around and rest or get ready for baby until it's time for me to go pick them up. I've got it pretty nice around here with all this help! (Which will definitely be good when baby girl arrives)
  • Madison lost her first tooth! They say the earlier they get teeth the earlier they lose them. Madison had her first 2 at 4 months old. She's 5 so 1 is already gone. It's kind of bittersweet. I remember her getting her first little bitty teeth. Now it's gone. (I've been way too emotional this pregnancy) But she was sooo excited. It wiggled out one night during Bible stories before bedtime. Tooth fairy paid her a visit of course. Although she of course questioned the reality of the Tooth Fairy. Smart little munchkin.
  • This past Spring Landon played soccer (scored a ton of goals once he finally warmed up to it!) and Madison did ballet. So adorable seeing little girls that age doing ballet. I was so proud of her, seeing her having memorized an entire song to dance to.
  • Micah decided to be the first one in the family to have stitches. He fell one weekday at church when I took the kids to do Easter activities with my MOPS group. Just standing there, fell right onto the edge of a window-apparently it's metal. Right on the floor. He ended up with a deep gash right above his cheekbone and had to get 3 stitches. That perfect little face. I'm still working hard trying to fade the scar. But I think the stitches were more traumatic for him than the actual accident. He had to be wrapped up like a burrito-no fun for a 1 year old!
I'm sure there are more things I've missed so maybe I'll update if I think of them. I'd add pictures but honestly I'm too lazy and too pregnant right now. The boys are napping so I have a quiet house and I want to take advantage :) I will try my best to update more often than every 8 months. I do have a little girl I will be needing to write down monthly updates on :) Can't wait to see her little face and snuggle her!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Blessing

We are excited to announce a new addition this year! Baby #4 is due early September. We'll be going to the doctor in a few weeks so we'll update then!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Micah is ONE!

My sweet little Micah, you are officially 1 year old! Your birthday was a few weeks ago and I am late as usual updating. You have grown and changed so much and we love you more and more each day, which just doesn't seem possible!!

You are the sweetest, cuddliest, most scrumptious, (not-so-little anymore) baby boy out there. You love your mama and it makes me feel so good when only I can make things all better. You get super excited though when you hear Daddy coming in from work. You go over to the door, clap your hands, and yell "Dada!" over and over until he comes in. You adore your brother and sister and can officially hold your own. I've seen you and Landon go for the same stuff and it's getting close to an even match! You are one tough little cookie dealing with big bro and sis.

Your vocabulary is increasing and you love to point at everything to get us to say the word for you. You stare at our mouths and can usually say the word too. You are also very polite and say thank you for everything you're given. You are very curious and into everything. Unfortunately this means you usually have a bruise or something on your forehead. As of right now, "Uh oh" is your most commonly used word. You are walking everywhere now (as of 11.5 months) since you've decided crawling is for little babies. You do a great job but still fall every once in awhile which does not make you very happy. You love to push cars around the house and say "vrrooom" and read books, too. You love being outside and playing and riding bikes, too.

Bathtime is still your favorite and you could play with water all day long. Your favorite thing to watch is Bubble Guppies as you say "bubble" over and over again. You still love to dance and bounce to Chris Tomlin's "God's Great Dance Floor." 

You were Tigger for Halloween and had a great time!
 You love playing with the nativity while your brother and sister decorated the tree.
 You had your first snow! You loved it and discovered how very cold it was!

You still don't have much hair but personally I think balder babies are cuter. Your eyes are blue and your hair is blonde, very similar to your brother, except your lashes are a bit lighter. You still only have 8 teeth which is unfortunate since you can't eat steak yet! You eat whatever we eat, as well as some baby food, applesauce, or yogurt to fill you up. You love milk and apple juice too. I officially weaned you last week at 12.5 months which was very bittersweet. You seemed like you could go on nursing for a long time but it was about time to stop. I'm very proud that you never had any formula your first year and I officially have over 3 years of breastfeeding under my belt and 3 super healthy, smart, lean children. Daddy enjoys putting you to bed now, as he has started his tradition of reading Goodnight Moon to you and then giving you milk, like he did with your brother and sister.

The joy of having an older sister-pink bowls

You are in 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diaper, and whatever shoes you will keep on. You had your 12 month check up recently and you are officially slimming down now (which is kind of sad in a way, but you are a toddler on the move!) You weighed 22 lbs. 6 oz. (44 %) and were 29 3/4 in. tall (50%). You head was 18 in. (30%). You got some rough shots which resulted in a super high fever the next week which happened to be Thanksgiving. You hit 104.6 degrees which almost made Mommy and Daddy panic! Medicine worked and you were fine. Apparently you are going to be like your sister and always run high fevers.

You also got to turn around in your carseat! This is very exciting for you and you can even see the DVD player much better.

Here are a few 1 year pictures. You had a great time with your cake smash.

Pictures from your birthday party with family. Again, you destroyed your cake and had fun opening your presents.

Here's a video of you when you first started walking.

You've come a long way since then, in such short time!

I will be posting your first year video/slideshow very soon! Happy birthday, sweet Micahbear. We love you SO MUCH!!

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