Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Natalie is 5 Months Old!

Natalie turned 5 months old almost 2 weeks ago. I'm doing my best to keep up with life in general right now. We have the usual church activities a few times a week, kindergarten stuff for Madison, and preschool for both boys. Natalie is just always along for the ride. We also have a housewarming party we are planning for (and trying to decorate and clean and unpack), Madison's birthday coming up, my cousin's bridal shower, and we just celebrated Brad's birthday and Valentine's Day. Blogging hasn't been as much of a priority but I want to make sure I at least keep up with the monthly developments for each kid's first year :)

Natalie, you started rice cereal and baby food a few weeks ago! You are loving it, of course. You did well after making a horrible face to rice cereal and green beans. You love most everything and can really suck down some fruits. You are still doing the tongue thing a little which is super cute, but you are getting the hang of it. You are, of course, a little piggy!

You finally rolled over after turning 5 months old, but it was from your back to your tummy. You couldn't roll back to your back and got pretty mad. You're cute even when you're mad :)

You are almost outgrowing 6 month clothes, and starting some 6-9 and 9 month. You're in a size 3 diaper and are finally pooping several times a week. Thank goodness you stopped blowing out your Sunday best every Sunday! 

You still don't have much hair but your eyes changed over to the color they will stay I think. They are exactly like your sister's and Daddy's. Gorgeous gold, then green, then blue on the outside.

You still sleep great and take a paci to go to sleep sometimes. You're in a little routine during the day of eating, playing, then sleeping-several times a day. You're always very happy when you wake up :)

You are easily entertained and distracted and are so easy and laidback. You get a little fussy/tired in the evenings but that's normal for your age. You are so fun and love to play. Your are starting to grab things and get into stuff within reach. You've knocked Mommy's cup all over the floor before, making a huge mess! You are almost sitting up alone. You still lean and faceplant if we don't catch you or have a pillow down.

You are the most adorable little thing and I love cuddling you all day. You're at such a fun age and I can't wait for the months to come!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Natalie is 4 Months Old!

Well here I am again a little bit late! Natalie, you turned 4 months old a few weeks ago. Everyone loved this picture of you. Little ankles crossed like a little lady. With rolls.

You are at such a sweet, adorable phase. You are starting to interact with us more and you are grabbing everything you can reach. You're still working on how to move your arms and hold stuff and it's pretty cute. You smile, laugh, and make plenty of noise at times. I could hold you and snuggle you all day. You're starting to be able to sit on my hip and hang out as I carry you around. You're my little buddy and I love every second of it. If I could freeze you right now I would :) You're very much into your tongue lately and I have to admit it's the cutest thing ever. You have your tongue out in most pictures I take of you.

You're still just as rolly as ever. You still nurse every 3 hours but only poop once a week. You've been pooping every Sunday at church for the past month. I don't bother putting you in nice church clothes anymore because they just get ruined by a week's worth of your poop! Apparently that's completely normal for some babies, but it's new to me since your brothers and sister pooped almost every day. We are going to try and start some rice cereal and foods this week to hopefully get you a little more frequent :)

At your 4 month check up, you weighed in at 18 lbs. 0.5 oz. (96%) and were 25.5 in. long (82%). Your head was also in the 90-something percentile. You're a big squishy little baby and everyone loves your rolls. I still have to clean them out each time you get a bath as well as under your double chin. Enjoy these rolls and being fat while it's cute :)

A big milestone this month-you got your ears pierced! You did so well. You fussed for about 10 seconds but didn't shed a tear. Apparently it wasn't as bad as getting shots. You get pretty mad at those!

And just a few more pictures because I love taking them.

 I forgot to post this last month. You were SO excited for New Year's.
 About to go down to the bus stop to wait on big sister. Mommy's not a fan of the cold.
 Teddy bear kisses!
 There's that tongue again.
 Sweet cheeks! We love you so much.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Natalie is 3 Months Old!

I am sooo late in updating, seeing as how Natalie is actually close to 4 months old! Oops. We've had a busy month though. Our house was finally done being built the weekend before Christmas so we moved in, had Christmas, then had a bunch of sick kids. Things have been hectic around here and we've been in the house 2 weeks now. We are still not unpacked all the way but everyone seems to be on the mend from all these sicknesses. Anyways, more about that later.

Natalie, you are 3 months old! You have gotten so big and are so adorable. You smile all the time and have started laughing some. You still have a mostly silent cry and laugh but eventually it comes out if let on long enough. You also use a paci but have found your thumb quite a few times as well. I'm not sure which one will eventually win out but you are cute with either one!

 In your new bed in your new house!

You also had your very first Christmas! Here you are on Christmas morning opening your presents.

I believe when you turned 3 months you were wearing around 3-6 month clothes and a size 2 diaper. You have lots of squishy rolls, but no teeth and not much hair yet. You are the perfect little snuggliest size. You eat great and sleep great (9-10 hours, eat, then 3 more hours).

You are entering a super cute stage of being more interactive and you'll be starting food soon as well, within the next few months! Things are getting super fun with you and we love being your parents! Another update is soon to come :)


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Micah is 2!!

Micah, you just turned 2 a few weeks ago!! 

The morning of your birthday-I let you choose what you wanted for breakfast. You chose a chocolate pop tart and coke. (Don't judge me, parents. Once a year)

I cannot believe it. My littlest baby boy is now a 2 year old...yikes! I think you have officially become a "2 year old" as well! You are such a big boy and are still so sweet and cuddly. You love to give "tisses" and just love on people. You love to mess with your older siblings too, often tackling them. You are so sweet and gentle to Natalie, though. You are a great big brother. 

For old times' sake. I love it.

You're obedient for the most part, but sometimes you just get going doing something and ignore us when we tell you to stop. You are learning and we are now having to start getting onto you. You say yes or no very bluntly when we ask you something. For example, "Micah, can you give hugs?" You: "No." (walks away). You've pitched a few fits that involve throwing yourself on the floor and crying when you don't get your way or we "ruin" something for you (putting icing on a cookie you wanted to eat plain).

You are also hilarious. You're a little clown like your brother and you know it. You like your audience and you have the most contagious smile. You can tell by looking at you that you're a little stinker. You are starting to form sentences and the way you talk is the cutest thing ever. You ask for help a lot but also tattletale on Landon a lot, saying he pushed you or hit you. You like to sing and you can count to 10 all by yourself with ease. Actually, you've counted to 11 before. You're a smart little thing. 

You do great in preschool now, without crying anymore. You had a very rough start at the beginning of the year and would cry a lot, especially in the mornings. Now you walk in like a champ without turning back and tell me how you painted and played all day. I'm so proud of you. 

First ever preschool picture. I die from the cuteness. 

You are doing so great at pottying. You'd probably be potty trained by now if Mommy didn't get so lazy since having another baby. You go every time I put you on the potty (and poopoo sometimes.) You used to call it the "choochoo" because you had a Thomas potty seat but we decided to just teach you how to sit on the big potty like a big boy so you get used to it when we're out. You've done great and love to flush of course. 

You still sleep in your crib since we're at Grandmommy and Lito's house, but you have climbed out many times, taken the doorknob safety cover off, thrown it, opened the door, walked downstairs, sat in a chair at the kitchen table, and demanded "panchakes" (with an adorable grin on your face of course). When you get your own room in a few weeks, you are going to start sleeping in the toddler bed and we are turning your doorknob inside out :) You still take a good nap every day around lunch time or a little after, usually 1-2 hours long. Mommy is very grateful for that :)

Your favorite things: playing iPad (you're amazing at games like Temple Run, Angry Birds, Subway Surf, etc), watching TV (The Croods, Mater's Tall Tales, Wild Kratts, Magic School Bus, Barbie--lol, and of course Thomas the Choochoo train), eating "panchakes" or candy or macaroni and cheese or "Cote" (coke) which is rare that you get, playing with toys, especially cars and trucks,  running around outside in the dirt and rocks, or watching old classic Mickey cartoons on the couch on the iPad right before bed-and after your evening laps around the house of course. You run and run and run every night through the kitchen and living room. Crazy kid :)

Apparently watching an intense movie...
iPad time with big brother.
 You wanted big sister to just push you around on her bike. Which she did. Because you're her baby. You love each other a lot.

Micah, you are so much fun to watch and be with, and it makes us so happy to see you so happy with every little thing. We love you so much and can't wait for all the birthdays to come! Happy 2nd birthday, Micahbear!


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Natalie is 2 Months Old!

Natalie, you are 2 months old! It feels like you've always been here. You are the sweetest, snuggliest baby and we love you to pieces.

You are doing great sleeping. You sleep anywhere from 6-8 hours straight, eat, then go back to sleep for several more hours. All 4 of you kids have spoiled me and I'm so grateful for that sleep! You are nursing about every 3 hours, and a little more often in the evenings before bed. You're an absolute little pig and have rolls everywhere just like all your siblings did.
 Sweet little hands and feet

You have beautiful red hair like your sister (slightly darker still) with a receding hair line. We like to use headbands for that reason :) Your eyes are still that newborn blue and your eyelashes and eyebrows are light too. You have a few chins and Landon's chubby cheeks and lips. I see Landon in you most, but Madison and Micah at times as well.

You are wearing a size 2 diaper and 3-6 month to 6 month clothes. You had your 2 month check up yesterday and you are weighing in at 14 lb. 8 oz. (95%) and are 23.5 in. long (81%). Your head is also in the 95th percentile. You're a big healthy, growing girl! I've been told I apparently make milkshakes because I've never seen kids gain so much weight so fast.

You have taken a bottle of pumped milk a few times, so I am trying to do it occasionally so you don't completely reject it like your sister did (your brothers never took a single bottle.) You also take a paci sometimes when you're very sleepy.

You have been smiling for a few weeks and just started laughing a little. It's the cutest and once I'm able to trim down the video I will post it :) You are starting to make more little noises too when we talk to you-you move your tongue like a lizard like you are trying to talk back. You make very good eye contact and stare at us! You absolutely do not care for tummy time-you are quite the princess and you don't even try to lift your head. You will just lay there until someone picks you up! Oh the drama already ;)
You blow lots of bubbles too

Tummy time is beneath you!

You have an adorable personality and are very easy going. You get the hiccups several times a day so you live off of Gripe Water. You can belch like a grown man at times and like to poop out a massive explosion every 3 days--not very ladylike. You are back to going everyday now though so you don't ruin as many outfits. Everyone talks about how pretty you are-your little features are absolutely gorgeous and girly looking.

We love you sweet girl and these have been 2 of the best months of our lives ever!
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